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Brazil and France's strategic partnership agreement.
This is kind of TL;DR so, I cut a few parts. Only the most relevant things here.

Plan of Action

The President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva,

The President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy,

Considering the ancient and profound ties of friendship between Brazil and France;

Reaffirming their common commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law;

Reiterating their desire to act together with the intention to reinforce multilateralism, the preservation of peace and national security, non-proliferation and disarmament, the conservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development and social justice;

Reaffirming their intention to be privileged partners;

Recording, in this meaning, the Declaration of Brasilia of May 25th of 2006, as the declaration of São Jorge do Oiapoque, of February 12th of 2008,

They have decided to give new impulse to the Strategic Partnership between Brazil and France, adopting the following Plan of Action:


Brazil and France reaffirm their commitment to the fundamental role of the United Nations, and particularly their desire to increase the Security Council and the G8, with the admission of new members. In this context, France reiterates its support of Brazil's candidacy for a permanent seat in the security council and its incorporation into an increased g8.

The two countries commit themselves to deepening bilateral dialogue about this theme.


Brazil and France reiterate their commitment in the sense of amplifying and diversifying bilateral commerce [...] and intensify dialogue about bilateral and international economic and commercial themes.

The two countries decided to commit to the creation of a Group of Economic and Commercial Labor of High Brazil-France Level.

They congratulate themselves for the next creation of the Franco-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Paris.


Brazil and France shall be one to the other privileged partners in the area of defense. In this meaning, they commit to developing long-term cooperation, founded in industrial partnerships, transference of technology, formation and education, when in benefit of mutual interest.


Brazil and France announce the launch of the "Year of France in Brazil". After the immense success of the "Year of Brazil in France" in 2005, the amplitude and diversity of the events and manifestations organized in partnership all over Brazil in the "Year of France in Brazil", from April 21st to November 15th 2009, will allow the promotion of the knowledge and image of contemporary France, diverse and open to Brazilians, along with the deepening of the affection and friendship between the two peoples and cooperation in a long-term perspective.


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