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Name: Julia/QU
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Age: 19
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You may ask for my skype/other contact info if I've talked to you before and know I can trust you.


Character Name: Carlos Gabriel dos Santos Silva
(“Carlos Gabriel” is a compound name but for simplicity’s sake I will call him just “Carlos”.)
Country represented: Brazil
Birthday: September 7th
Age: 18
Occupation: Student, part-time musician
Residence: idk

Ten True Facts About Your Character:
1- Carlos takes life slowly, and prefers not to waste time stressing over things, frequently slacking off and lazing around instead of studying or working. However, he also has intense personal ambition in certain areas. Once he’s set himself a goal, he will do anything to achieve it. This includes cheating and lying, although he’ll be kind to himself and refer to this as “dando um jeitinho” – “finding a way around things”.
2- Despite the aforementioned cheating and lying, Carlos is not mean-spirited. In fact, he is quite generous, even when he can’t afford to be. Those who fall into his good graces should expect gifts and random acts of charity. He will do anything to assist someone he is loyal to, sacrificing himself in the process. He expects others to be generous and loyal to him in return, though he understands this isn’t always the case and may be taken advantage of.
3- Carlos is passionate about music, feeling that it is the clearest way to express himself. He appreciates some other forms of art such as theater, but he believes music is the method to reach anyone’s heart. He is often seen with a guitar, improvising melancholic lyrics full of heartfelt poetry.
4- While he may be lazy and passive in regards to work, Carlos is very active in times of play. He likes almost any kind of sport. Of course, he excels at football (soccer for the Americans), but also enjoys playing volleyball and tennis. He loves water sports, and practices surfing and kayaking at the beach. Due to his summery disposition, he is much less keen on winter sports.
5- Carlos is not opposed to living in an urban environment; in fact, he enjoys the constant flux of people, and the life and vibrancy of a large city. However, every once in a while he must take some personal time to enjoy nature. He will go out into the countryside, hiking, fishing or just basking in the fresh air.
6- As a nature lover, Carlos loves animals. He is a dog person, but he’s also fond of horses and birds. He’s had many pets over the course of his relatively short life, and currently owns a Brazilian terrier mix named Tapioca.
7- Carlos was raised by his single mother, Jacirendi dos Santos, and his maternal grandparents, who although disapproving of their daughter’s pregnancy out of wedlock, loved Carlos all the same. Jacirendi seldom spoke of the father, save mentioning the name “Silva” came from him. (the name “Gabriel” did as well, but she didn’t talk about that.) The lack of a father figure never impacted Carlos too severely, but he can still be surprisingly bitter about it if the issue is brought up.

Writing Sample: (So if the ten facts are the meat, this is the potatoes of your application. There are two choices for samples, plus a mandatory third. You can either write a third person sample of three to four hundred words, or a first-person monologue of two hundred or so words on the subject of your choosing. Think your character's arrival, a day in their life in Hartsbridge, trying to awkwardly host a marathon of the Big Bang Theory with their coworkers, so on and so forth. Once you've chosen and written one of these, move on to--)

(Does just what it says on the tin, kids. Answer the questions ICly. If your character would lie about these questions, that's acceptable!)
1.) Introduce yourself in a few sentences!
2.) What's your greatest dream in life?
3.) What is your biggest pet peeve?
4.) Why did you come to Hartsbridge?
5.) Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Why?
6.) Do you prefer functionality or style, and why?
7.) What are two of your best qualities? Two of your worst?
8.) What was your childhood like? Did you get along well with any siblings you had? What about your parents?
9.) What is your happiest memory?
10.) Describe yourself physically.

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