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Keeping track of some threads.

In which Brazil teases North Korea and is sort of a douche

In which Brazil teases Portugal about his food and being old

In which Brazil teases Portugal on his birthday

In which Brazil wishes Portugal a happy birthday

In which Brazil argues with a vuvuzela (yes, really)

In which Brazil congratulates Portugals on PWNing North Korea

In which Brazil laughs at Germany's username

In which Brazil tells North Korea they fought well

In which Brazil celebrates his win against North Korea (replies by Portugals)

In which Brazil tells Austria his username is uncreative

In which Brazil congratulates Uruguay for his win against South Africa

In which Brazil complains about me joking about him losing to Ivory Coast (replies by Portugals and Argentina)

In which Brazil informs another mun of the rights she doesn't have

In which Brazil attempts to tease Argentina and fails

In which Brazil argues with Mafia!Romano about whether louder is more fun

In which Argentina complains about latin_hetalia fangirls

In which Brazil laments mun's shipping habits with Argentina

In which Brazil offers Argentina singing beer, they argue, Uruguay laughs and Portugal asks for a special order

In which Uruguay gives Brazil cake

In which Brazil is in a depressive funk after losing to Netherlands (comments by Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Portugal)

In which Brazil lectures me on my shipping habits and trusts America to take care of me (Replies by Uruguay, fem!Romano, Argentina, Spain and Cuba)

In which Brazil gets pervy on fem!Uruguay without knowing who she is

In which Brazil comforts Uruguay after his loss to Netherlands

In which Brazil tells me my mother's friend is rude (replies by fem!Uruguay and Spain)

In which Brazil attempts to tease Argentina on his birthday

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