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Basic info:

Name: Carlos Gabriel dos Santos Silva
Place: Federative Republic of Brazil
Residence: Mainly Brasília (the capital) but has residences in many large cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Birthday: Found and adopted on 23 April 1500, but official date is 7 September 1822 (Independence Day).
Age: 510
Appears: 24

Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 175cm
Body Type: Fit like a soccer player!
PB: Original design


Discovered by Portugal, he was first named Ilha de Vera Cruz because he was thought to be an island. Later he was renamed to Terra de Santa Cruz. Eventually he became the Viceroyalty of Brazil. He was bullied by many nations as a child including France, Netherlands and England, but he never stressed too much about it, leading an easygoing life enjoying the pleasures of the world. Would find a lot of gold and natural resources but Portugal took them all so he was underdeveloped for a long time.



Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500, landing in what is present-day Salvador. The Portuguese, in colonizing the new area, mingled and intermarried with the natives in order to win their trust, become part of their clans, and learn how to survive in a tropical environment unlike that of Europe. This is not to say there weren't wars with the natives and stuff, but they were more easily integrated than the pilgrims were with Native Americans, for instance.

Brazil was used mostly for sugarcane, gold and other natural resources. One of the unique plants found there was the "Pau-Brasil", a tree with bright red wood used to make dyes. Eventually the country took the name of the tree.

in 1789, Brazil attempted to separate from Portugal in an event known as the "Inconfidência Mineira". The hero Tiradentes led this independence movement, but unfortunately he was ratted out and executed. The date of his execution, April 21st, is celebrated as a national holiday.

In 1808, Portugal was invaded by France, and to escape Napoleon the Portuguese royal family fled to Brazil. From then on Brazil was the seat of the royal family. Brazilians felt proud that they were now more important than just a colony. When the Royal family returned to Portugal, the reigning Prince, Pedro I, declared Brazil's independence on September 7th, 1822, establishing the Brazilian Empire.

The Brazilian Empire got into various skirmishes in South America, including the War of Argentina, the War of Uruguay, and the War of Triple Alliance, which is a war so pointless that nobody know why it started or what it was about. All we know is that Brazil invaded Uruguay, Paraguay declared war on Brazil, and then Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay ganged up on Paraguay and beat them up until Argentina and Uruguay dropped out and Brazil and Paraguay fought until the war ended. And somehow Brazil won. This was in like 1865 or something.

Then in 1888 slavery was abolished and to compensate Brazil started pulling in hordes of immigrants, especially Italians. Tons of Italians settles in Brazil especially around the São Paulo region and now some 10% of Brazilians have Italian descent.

On November 15th, 1889, Brazil abolished the monarchy and became a republic.
Later, got a dictator named Getúlio Vargas who was kind of an ok guy as far as dictators go. During WWII he joined the Allies, which made the Brazilians wonder why the heck Brazil was fighting for democracy in Europe when Brazil itself had a dictatorship. Then Vargas killed himself.

Later on, in 1964, there was another dictatorship, the Military Dictatorship, the economy went to crap and Brazil changed currencies some 3284738957 times, before finally becoming a democracy again in 1985. The new presidents kinda sucked and Fernando Collor was kicked out of office but then Fernando Herique Cardoso made things better, was elected president in 1994, and now life is pretty sweet.

The current president is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known simply as "Lula".
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