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A note on Brazil's various relationships:

Unlike America, who fought for independence from England and therefore soured their relationship considerably, Brazil acquired independence from Portugal peacefully and therefore has a generally positive attitude towards him. This is not to say everything's peaches and roses for them: in particular, the Inconfidencia Mineira, when Brazil attempted a revolution, was a period of strained relations for them. Nowadays Brazil makes fun of Portugal, teases him about many things, calls him "velho" ("old man"), but deep down does think of him as father figure. The stereotype for Portuguese people is: robust, dark haired, usually have a mustache, work in a bakery or deli. They also are very very very stupid. Or so it is according to most Brazilian jokes.

FRANCE "França"
France attempted to invade Brazil several times when he was just starting off as a colony. Some attempts were more successful than others, but in the end France was driven away. For a while, Brazil was scared of or angry at France, but into the 18th and 19th centuries he began to truly admire French culture. Attempting to imitate French fashions was difficult however, given that Brazil is a tropical country and elaborate clothing tends to make hot, humid weather downright unbearable. Still, by the early 1900s, Brazil had quite "a boner" for France. I mean this figuratively, but I'm sure France would love other interpretations. Today, France and Brazil enjoy a close relationship; In 2008 they established a formal alliance and Brazil declared 2009 "The year of France in Brazil". Yes, in. I'm sure he meant this figuratively, too.

ENGLAND "Inglaterra"
England was another major bully for Brazil in colonial times. England and Portugal have the world's oldest international alliance; As such England was always up in Brazil's business, believing he should be granted special rights. Eventually, British citizens in Brazil actually had more rights and privileges than Brazilians! Brazil grew resentful. In the 1800s, England began to bully Brazil again, this time over slavery issues. This turned out to be more problematic than helpful, and eventually Brazilian morale was so low, he invaded Uruguay just to feel better, which set off the War of Triple Alliance, which was totally pointless. Anyway, slavery was eventually abolished and England was off to bother other helpless nations. Nowadays England seems to be remembered mostly from the saying, "England invented football. Brazil invented futebol-arte."

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