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2012-01-30 12:32 am

Hartsbridge App WIP

Name: Julia/QU
Personal LJ/DW: /
Age: 19
AIM: quandtuniverse13
MSN/Main E-mail:
RP E-mail:
You may ask for my skype/other contact info if I've talked to you before and know I can trust you.

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2011-03-29 01:28 am

Brazilian Culture

A thing I wrote about Brazilian culture, it might explain how I handle this character in some ways.

Kinda rambly essay about Brazilian cultural formation )
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2010-10-04 08:21 pm

Relationship Chart

A note on Brazil's various relationships:

Mun's speculations lie below )

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2010-06-16 11:29 am

Character Info

Basic info:

Name: Carlos Gabriel dos Santos Silva
Place: Federative Republic of Brazil
Residence: Mainly Brasília (the capital) but has residences in many large cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Birthday: Found and adopted on 23 April 1500, but official date is 7 September 1822 (Independence Day).
Age: 510
Appears: 24

Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 175cm
Body Type: Fit like a soccer player!
PB: Original design